Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hello World!

Hello World! My name is Kendra Smith.  I am from a small town in Ohio, called Canal Winchester.  I own a shop with my mom, Carm, called CornerSmiths. It is a little corner store (hence CornerSmiths) where we offer unique gifts (anywhere from jewelry, scarves, and candles, to one of a kind art from local artists) and home decor (new and vintage).  We opened last September, and since then have built wonderful relationships with the amazing people of this community and from surrounding areas.

Our tagline here at the shop is "Rethinking Styles & Tastes: Old, New, and In-between", and we are constantly striving to combine old with new, and reuse (or "rethink") the purpose of an item that may have otherwise been seen as trash (but don't worry nothing gross and dirty, maybe just a little bent up and rusty).  We have been told we have very eclectic taste, and we think that is a great word to describe us. We like mixing all types of styles together.  We will use industrial with cottage style, or primitive with shabby, we try not to limit ourselves to any type "look", and so far we've had a lot of fun doing just that.  

Every couple months we spend three long days tearing down and completely redecorating the shop (usually we do this to go with the seasons or different holidays throughout the year).  We have several rooms within our building and we try to "theme" each room to give people an idea of how things may be used within their own homes.  This whole process is a lot of work, but it is a lot of fun also, and totally worth it when people return and comment on ALL the changes since they last visited.

So, that is our shop in short.  Through this blog, we hope to keep you updated on our CornerSmith activities (including new items, and fun finds) and the happenings around town.  We have a lot to offer here in Canal and we want to "get-it-out-there" about how great of a destination it can be! We will be posting our weekly specials on here, as well as letting you in on some of our decorating and crafting secrets so, continue visiting and check out our Facebook page also at CornerSmiths.

The CornerSmith girls, my mom and I

The CornerSmith family.  They didn't know when my mom and I decided to start this, but it has become quite a family affair.  Each one of them have helped immensely and there is no way to tell them how grateful we are for all the support and help.

Getting ready for our winter wonderland a few weeks ago.  We cut trees out of paper to put on the windows (this is still when our fall decor was outside).